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Who is Sour Bakery and why you should experience the lovely creations that are made here

I am a human who dreads mistakes. Like most humans I suspect. But my dread, of such a mundane and common place thing, has inhibited so much in my life. While growing up I stayed silent, or stayed home, for fear of making some social faux pas that I perceived would ruin any and all possibilities. As a young adult I did not pursue things that interested me because I was afraid of making a mistake: choosing the wrong career, the wrong school, the wrong adventure. Wrong, to me, meant mistake.

Still, I am not sure. I love to experiment. I love to bake. But what if it is all a mistake? What if this is wrong?¬†What if, what if, what if… Say anything enough times and it will stop making sense.

Mistake 1: studying psychology. But, it led to so much beauty: Residential counselor job where I learned so much about myself, the resilience of the human spirit, and met some of the most beautiful humans I will ever know. Also, was able to live in Santa Cruz, and meet my future husband.

Mistake 2: Studying the Pastry Arts. But, it led to so much growth: living in San Francisco and Seattle and now Durham (a brand new coast). I uncovered my passion for bread. I discovered that I am brave, capable, and lovely in my own quirky way.

Mistake 3: Choosing to pursue bread-Sour Bakery specifically. But, when I am not being overly critical, it brings me so much joy: Experimenting, eating, and sharing.

I think that mistakes are the things we do that we are not sure about, that something in us guides us towards. Mistakes may just be the first step to a truth.IMG_7448



Once, long ago, I bartered some 150 miniature stuffed muffins for business cards. Those cards were beautiful. But, I wasn’t experienced enough with what should be on a business card and I utterly failed to add pertinent information: like my phone number, blog address, or my name. The lady didn’t say anything, just provided me with the incomplete card and called it a day. It was meant to be. I was not ready to even believe that it was possible for me to embrace this skill that I love. But those cards were beautiful, and I still have a few.

Hello, new day! I am ready. I am excited. I am so nervous I could pee myself when I think about the possibility of being completely dependent on my being able to sell myself and my product. But I am so excited by the possibilities, and ready to try. So, I got some business cards!!! My partner helped me create them. They may not be “beautiful”, but they are glorious to me.

One step closer to being brave. One step closer to shining out loud.

Figgy Piggy Biscuits!

At first I made these as scones, however, the inclusions lent themselves more readily to a lighter dough. The Figgy Piggy Biscuits are inspired by a pizza of the same name from my favorite pizza spot in Santa Cruz, Pizza My Heart! Missing California very much, but really enjoying my brief stay so far in North Carolina.

The picture shows the inclusions that go into these decedent, delicious, and rich biscuits: fig, bacon, feta, and sage.  Hopefully, these will be a menu item at my Farmers Market stall.


Summer Delights

My last brief time of Summer in Santa Cruz, CA was filled with unknowns. However, I knew that I wanted to experiment with some produce that is available for a few brief, delicious months. Blackberries.

At first, I considered doing scones or biscuits. But, why not add them to my wild yeast sourdough. This proved a bit of a quandary. I couldn’t fold them in like cheese, they made a huge mess of purple dough and the berry got a little lost. I tried adding them in the first folding, but that made the dough too slack. Final fold was the final straw! chopping the berries up a bit, I gently folded them in, trying not to degas the loaf too much.

It was good, like bread with the jam inside. But, not quite what I had in mind. Hello, white chocolate chips. These I added early on. The first try had chips popping out in the oven, browning all over the crust. Caramelized white chocolate! Divine!

Say hello to my sweet and tart, juicy Blackberry White Chocolate Sourdough Bread.IMG_6734

New Ways of Creating


In the years that I have been making my various breads I have always used bannetons or bowls. I bought some baskets recently, to try a new way, but the dough stuck to the baskets too easily. Two weeks ago was the first time that I incorporated linen lining to the baskets. The first loaves, pictured above, came out a little bit too floury. This last weekend I was more successful at not applying too much flour, and getting it brushed off better. I love that I can now buy inexpensive baskets, of identical size, and still get my beautiful crust with a touch of design on it!

Finding My Way Back

Several years ago I made, and sold, my bread throughout Capitol Hill in Seattle. I moved back to California, and stopped selling, and even making, my bread. Now, my barm sits in my fridge. Forlorn and forgotten. Every week or two I remember it with a sigh, feed it, tell it I am a bad barm mom, and vow to begin making my bread again. Alas, I fail time and time again.

This is an attempt to re-ignite my passion for baking! I find such joy and love when I am in the kitchen, prepping my tiny space, and planning out my next project.

Here is to the awakening of a passion that dwells inside, and an attempt to let it out.

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