Sour Bakery came about in 2009. My partner and I had moved to Seattle, Washington. We were frequenters of Trader Joes. In San Francisco, where we lived before Seattle, Traders had a Garlic Cheddar bread that we LOVED, but the Seattle locations did not have it. Having “studied” baking and pastry when in San Francisco, I thought that I could probably make a garlic cheddar loaf. So it began. The loaves were dense and dull at first, I keep forgetting to score them. I kept trying, experimenting with temperature, flour ratios, steam baths, etc. We had some friends who were willing to be testers. After several months, I had a beautiful, light, and flavorful loaf.

I was always a baker who wanted to do things differently. What was the point of making a plain loaf? Sourdough breads are readily available, inexpensive, and pretty good quality. I wanted to make things I could not find at a farmers market, let alone a grocery store. Quickly, my list of breads grew. Mainly savory: Jalapeño, chipotle, bacon (with apple and gouda). Some sweet: chocolate cherry, berry and white chocolate, fruit and nut. My greatest joy is the experimentation.

Not only have I been experimenting with sourdough breads, but, living in the South, I’ve got some great new biscuit recipes in the works. Not to mention handpies, sourdough crackers, and some gluten free treats.

We have moved a lot in our lives: San Francisco, Seattle, Napa, Santa Cruz, and now Durham, North Carolina. I have made, sold and bartered, and gifted, my breads in every place I have lived. I am constantly asked if I have a farmers market stand, if I have a business, why I don’t bake for a living. Always, I laugh it off or say that I will, one day…

Moving to North Carolina could be that “one day”. There are so many Farmers Markets, so much interest in eating locally made foods. This is an exciting time!!