The End of The Season

It is the first Tuesday of November of 2018. I voted today. I spent time with family today. I delivered bread and pastries today. I rested and I puttered and I….did not have a market to get ready for. Today was the first Tuesday of the off season for the North Park Farmers’ Market in Burlington, North Carolina. This Market has been a great place to begin and is full of great people (vendors, managers, clients, humans in general).

I appreciate all the humans that I have met during my first two years. The ones who have tried my bread, my experiments (my flops, and my successes), and the various iterations of pastries. Over this time period I have grown so much and tried so many different techniques and recipes. It really was the encouragement and critique of my North Park Market friends that developed my menu: I owe such thanks to them!

Having time off (though just a few short hours on Tuesdays) over the next few months will allow me time to think about my brand and the future of Sour Bakery.

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