I recently had some bananas that were perfect for banana bread. But, I did not want to make banana bread. I LOVE to experiment! It is why I want to open my own bakery: so I have control of what I make and when I can try new things.

In recent posts, I wrote about a wild yeast cinnamon roll recipe that I was experimenting on. So, I decided to stuff that dough with mashed bananas, chocolate, nuts, and peanut butter.


This is what it looked like before the roll: I wanted to try two different types. Half was chocolate, peanut butter and banana, the other half was banana and walnut. Rolling these was a bit messy. I realized that if I was going to have so much yummy gooeyness I need to leave more empty space for the goo to expand on.

Once I had it rolled I really thought it was not going to work, so much so that I did not bother taking pictures. I shoved the pan into the fridge overnight, filled with barely rolled, explodingly gooey rolls and thought, well- experimenting is half the fun. They will probably taste good…

This morning I got up and started taking my loaves out for bake-off. After the third round of removing a few baskets at a time I remembered the rolls. Cringing slightly, I took the pan from the fridge and inspected the mess. There was so much liquid I thought that baking them was going to be a mistake. But, I chose to bake them anyway. No one would have to know if they were terrible.

I am so glad that I baked them off! They are absolutely delicious and I am getting ready to make some more tomorrow, with a few tweaks.

For me, baking is all about imagining something that might taste great, and applying that idea to your existing knowledge. Sometimes, it will flop, but sometimes it will be absolutely delicious!