Making loaves of wild yeast sourdough is fun, delicious, and time consuming. Sometimes I envy people who choose to use commercial yeast. Their bread can be finished within one day, and eaten that evening! Yet, I don’t really envy them. Bread made from commercial yeast lacks the beauty and intricate dealings that are required when using a living part of the kitchen environment. Wild yeast requires just the right temperature, handling, nutrients, and time.


In looking for items that require less than three days to be enjoyed I happened upon a recipe for Sourdough English Muffins! What a fun dough. Of course, it still took two days, but it was such a different process. I didn’t let the dough rest enough after the second roll so I got some interesting sizes. They are delicious, sour, and full of all the delightful pockets that make english muffins great for jam, or eggs and bacon. I think I will sell them in four packs for $6. Of course, I need to work some more on the shaping and cooking. I don’t have a griddle so thats fun.