Once, long ago, I bartered some 150 miniature stuffed muffins for business cards. Those cards were beautiful. But, I wasn’t experienced enough with what should be on a business card and I utterly failed to add pertinent information: like my phone number, blog address, or my name. The lady didn’t say anything, just provided me with the incomplete card and called it a day. It was meant to be. I was not ready to even believe that it was possible for me to embrace this skill that I love. But those cards were beautiful, and I still have a few.

Hello, new day! I am ready. I am excited. I am so nervous I could pee myself when I think about the possibility of being completely dependent on my being able to sell myself and my product. But I am so excited by the possibilities, and ready to try. So, I got some business cards!!! My partner helped me create them. They may not be “beautiful”, but they are glorious to me.

One step closer to being brave. One step closer to shining out loud.