When feeding the starter, barm, or pulling some out for sourdough breads, there is always extra. I feel so sad just tossing it down the drain: the lovely, happy, and active yeast has no idea what awaits it down the drain hole and all its potential slips away. Sigh, I have tossed the extra more times than I care to admit.

In the past year I have started making crackers, herbed and garlic, as well as cinnamon spice. Yesterday I branched into unknown territory. Having recently satisfied my sweet tooth with a delicious cinnamon roll I thought I would try using started as the yeast in my own sticky bun.

I made the dough using a rich dough recipe, replacing the baking soda and powder as well as some of the flour and milk, with the starter. Leaving it to proof, I realized I did not have any pecans. If they couldn’t be nutty, they would be fruity sticky buns. I did have some peaches that were heading out, and some green apples I had just bought. So I made the buns three ways: classic spiced cinnamon, spicy apple, and sweet peach.

Experimenting, which seems to be a major theme of Sour Bakery, is so much fun! When I was at the Academy I was told I had to get the “classic” recipe correct before I should branch out to “oddities”. While I respect the classics, I think that a person can learn how to do what should be done while trying out what has not been done.

My first try turned out beautifully, spread out a bit to thin, my sheet pan was to big! I think I will try these in jumbo muffin tins next. I loved how the fruit filling blended with the spices, and the fruit that ended up on top changed the flavor of the caramel sauce. I had one for dinner, and another for dessert. Oh, and one for breakfast too.

I think I would sell these for $3, once I get them perfect and tall and crispily gooey.

Also, as a side note: I think I make up a lot of words. And I forget words and use odd words to replace that which has been forgot.