I am so excited to have a happy, healthy barm in my kitchen! I am also super excited to have all my baskets, baking stone, and other tools I need to make bread. The truck that had our stuff took its sweet time moving across the country. But, it’s all mine once again, and I am ready to go!

The home in Durham is so much warmer, my bread proofs like a slowly inflated balloon. In Santa Cruz I had to create a proof box, put it in a sunny spot, and pray for a miracle. Here, sits on my counter and -poof- pillowy soft gooshy goodness. I am not too sure about this oven. I’ve been using gas for awhile, and now I’m back to electric. Temp of the oven seems pretty good though.

In looking at other bakers breads I notice that they love having that nice open, holey, crumb. I don’t know. I like a bread that you can slice as thick as a finger, slather on some melted butter and jam, and not worry too much about all that goodness slithering down your hand as you gobble it up. I degas my loaves gently, but always feel best about my bread when it has solid, small to medium, bubbles.

I love experimenting: flavors, mix-ins, ratios, and scoring. I’m trying my hand at an “S”. Think the loaves tomorrow will have a tiny “s” and some other embellishments. I know the score is what opens the loaf and lends it some shape, but it is just so fun to see what happens.

All my loaves are between a pound and a pound plus a quarter. I sell my classic sourdough for $5. I think that is reasonable. I have also been exploring trade and barter.