My last brief time of Summer in Santa Cruz, CA was filled with unknowns. However, I knew that I wanted to experiment with some produce that is available for a few brief, delicious months. Blackberries.

At first, I considered doing scones or biscuits. But, why not add them to my wild yeast sourdough. This proved a bit of a quandary. I couldn’t fold them in like cheese, they made a huge mess of purple dough and the berry got a little lost. I tried adding them in the first folding, but that made the dough too slack. Final fold was the final straw! chopping the berries up a bit, I gently folded them in, trying not to degas the loaf too much.

It was good, like bread with the jam inside. But, not quite what I had in mind. Hello, white chocolate chips. These I added early on. The first try had chips popping out in the oven, browning all over the crust. Caramelized white chocolate! Divine!

Say hello to my sweet and tart, juicy Blackberry White Chocolate Sourdough Bread.IMG_6734